Lost Master Section

Where is the place master master section button referred to in the help section. I know about getting it from the workspaces menu but there is a blue button with a 45deg arrow somewhere, but I just cant find it.

Menu Workspace > Shared tools windows > Master Section…

I know that, I am trying to find this button, not a big deal.
Master Section Button.JPG

Hello, did you know you could right-click the menu-bar, then select Master Section? I think that icon is missing!

Or maybe is a “Customizable Command”.

Found it!

Nice piece of detective work, I still cant find it

Ok, so, just open the Master Section window, and make the MS “float” (double-click the upper frame of the MS window to make it float). At this point, you get an empty MS window, then, clicking the famous blue arrow, the MS will be back inside its window.
Hope this helps.


If the Master section is visible it is either floating or docked in the montage and/or audio window or docked in the control window.
Where is your master section?
If it is floating and you click on workspace->shared tool window-> master section in the audio file window or the montage window, then an empty workspace opens with the blue arrow 45deg on the upper left. Clicking on this arrow makes the MS docked into the workspace.
However: this blue arrow does not appear in the control window. If you want to dock a floating master section in a control window section, then you can do this via the settings dialog at the bottom of the MS (the little wrench sign): first click on the control window section where it is to be docked (the white wavelab “W” on red backround appears) and then you can move the MS into the control window like I just described (see picture).
Does this help?

Yes it does help, it seem a little OTT on first glance but I’m sure it will become second nature at the fifth or sixth attempt. Thanks