Lost Midi files

Hi all,

Using Cubase 5. Went and deleted the files (Not folders) within my project folder, after having recorded some audio and some midi files. I got the .cpr file from my backup disk no probs and imported the audio I’d worked on. Sadly midi files are not stored in the pool\separate folder. (I think I may have mentioned this some time ago). Are they stored in the .cpr file ? Where are they stored ? It would be nice to retrieve them if this accident happens again. I would have thought it logical to provide a pool\folder for midi files as well as audio files.


The MIDI is stored in the .CPR file. Did you also delete the .BAK files?

Thanks Jaslan - pretty much as I suspected :frowning: Yes I did delete the .bak files. Basically I exported some .mps in to this location and didn’t want them anymore, so proceeded to delete every file. Not something I normally do but I’m a bit tired this evening so I didn’t think. Have Steinberg still not give us a midi file pool then ? That would be really useful.