Lost my H5 licentie when updated to H6?

Hi there,

I have update from Halion 5 to Halion 6.
But when i loaded my Halion 5 in the NI Komplete Kontrol software i get a error
about my Halion 5 license ( attachment for example )
Even when i load the Halion 5 as a standalone i getting this error.

And yes i have update my license software.

Regards Kimbo.
Halion 5 probleem.jpg


I have the same problem too. :frowning:
So, i uninstalled H5 temporary.
Do H6 license not contains H5 as previous compatibility?

I don’t know.
But i have used my H5 into NI komplete kontrol vsti software.
And made a lot of favorites presets in this VSTi and now i can use this anymore.

It would be really useful to know if this by design or will be corrected.

Should H5 licenses still work with an upgrade to H6?

I ask as although my main PC is Win 10 so will work fine with H6 I have one other that is used occasionally which can’t be upgraded and is stuck on Win 7 so on that PC I would have hoped to at least have access to H5 if I upgrade to H6 but this seems to not be the case…?

Hi I had this problem last night, you need to remove the old HALion 5 profile from Komplete Kontrol, find it in Users/YOUR NAME/Documents/Native Instruments/Content or something like that (sorry not on my Audio PC).
Then recreate a new profile for HALion 6.

It’s not that you lose the licence as all the content is still in Version 6 it’s just that due to licence changes the VST HALion 5.dll has been removed. So Komplete Kontrol can’t find it.
In Cubase, and I pesume other DAWs, any old project that had version 5, automatically (and don’t quite know how they did this) gets upgraded to the version 6 .dll.
This does not work in Komplete Kontrol, due to the weird way it works. It may be possible to do something similar for old Projects that had Halion 5 in the Komplete Kontrol wrapper, by editing the old profile as described above to point to the new .dll but I’ve not had time to test this.
That’s a weekend job… :slight_smile: Hope that helps.

I see.
In my case to be exact this problem occurred on Cubase (loading/scanning VSTi plugin) or launch standalone app. (Sorry, i’m not NI KONTROL user.)

It sounds like it’s not installed version 6 properly, as the installer removes version 5 for you. Wait till its fully downloaded and install version 6 correctly. Or check the location of the VST .dll it may not be in your default VST plugins folder… Most likely in Program Files x64/Steinberg/VSTplugins/

Unfortunately the HALion 6 license does not include HALion 5 due to the switch from USB to soft eLicenser. But as soon as you have installed HALion 6 all you HALion 5 projects will load HALion 6 automatically since HALion 5 and 6 share the same plugin ID.

Still if you need to have HALion 5 for, lets say, your 32-bit system, please get in touch with the support team and they will provide you with an add-on HALion 5 license. Sorry for the inconvenience.

so, H5 and H6 share the same plugin ID, ok.

But the plugin bundle/dll names differ!!! So presets made in “HALion 5”, which were stored in “path/to/presets/Steinberg/HALion 5” cant be retrieved with “HALion 6”, can they???

Thank you everyone.
I misunderstood. And i solved.

I didn’t know automatic migration from H5 to H6.
(This time, it was my first time upgrade HALion.)

I also misunderstood that HALion supports parallel install like Cubase (e.g. 9 and 8.5).
(After installed H6, i re-installed deleted H5 by H6 installer…)

Thanks for the information Matthias but I think that we should have been warned before installing HALion 6.

This is important. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but I didn’t see it anywhere during or before installation.

I have 30+ instances of HALion 5 loaded into VEP which doesn’t load automatically with HALion 6. So I would have to uninstall H6, install H5 again, then save every H5 presets, and load again with H6. I would have done this before if I knew.

Yes thy should have warned us before installing HALion 6.
I have made a lot of presets in NI komplete kontrol for Halion 5.
All gone by by all my work.

Still not quite sure what is actually happening here with the Halion 5 licence and software

1: Is Halion 5 automatically deleted and replaced by the Halion 6 update install?

2: Is the Halion 5 licence removed from the USB dongle after authorisation or is it just supplemented with a Halion 6 licences as well.

If the licence is deleted from the dongle there is no way to run my existing Halion 5 on my 32bit machine.

Can someone clarify the USB dongle position.




So does this mean that in a couple of weeks time when the Halion 6 demo is out, running this demo will destroy your existing Halion 5, and so when the demo time is up, you are left with no Halion 6 and no Halion 5 ?

That sounds like a time bomb waiting to explode in Steinberg’s face !!

I have many old projects made with Halion 3. Would Steinberg also support using Halion 3 after an upgrade to Halion 6?


Sure… I did not see warning during installation.

BTW, Has occurred same issue when HALion4 (or older) to HALion 5 upgrade? ( I didnt’ know these issue because this was my 1st time upgrade.)

I thought H6 should be support parallel install like Cubase if possible.

suffering this issue too.

Worse thing is, the H6 install, left H5 on the machine and the shortcut on the desktop. When I click on it, it tries to load then says I don’t have a license. I thought it was meant to replace it, not leave me with a 400+mb useless install.

Like others I have Halion 3 legacy projects that need to be updated.
If I had known that H6 would remove previous licences, I wouldn’t have bought it.
I contacted support two weeks ago, but apart from an email asking me to be patient,
I’ve not had any resolution to this problem.

Not impressed