Lost my input and output ports

My computer was running fine with both M-Audio Omni and a Presonus Fire Studio connected to it. I was using the Presonus for recording and the M-Audio for monitoring. Recently I went to open Cubase 6 and there was an error message saying that I needed to configure my Realaudio Sound Card (which is normally off) and the options to configure my Presonus and M-audio units had disappeared from the VST connections tab. This occured after a Windows 7 update. I tried rolling the unit back to its previous configuration and still no audio connections available. Can anybody offer me any advice short of reloading Cubase 6.

Custom built machine quad core processer a@ 3.2 G, 16 gig of RAM, 3 hard drives (1 dedicated to Cubase, 10,000 RPM 300 G drive), 2 DVD-CD drives, 700 W power supply. Gigabyte motherboard.

Select the correct ASIO drvier…?

Gigabyte has an audio card (realtek) built in which you need to turn off. And there area few elements to this. You can turn it off in the device manager, yes, uninstall it, but before you do this, you need to turn it off in your bios. It is called ‘azalea’ or something like that. You will see it in the periferalls as you scroll your bios with the explanation of what it is off to the right. Just scroll to it and the explanation will show up. Disable it.

Your problem is the gigabyte MB wants to highlight the builtin audio card. Your last download probably restarted the Realtek audio card.

I need to add some clarification. The only ASIO driver that shows up is for the realtek card. The ASIO drivers are loaded for both the m-audio and the presonus. They do not show up as a driver option in Cubase 6. This is why I was wondering if I am going to have to reload cubase in hopes that it will find the missing drivers (under VST connections) :frowning:

Hm. You need to reload the ASIO drivers for you devices. But do this to confirm: open your device manager and find your devices. Are they there? If they are not, then their drivers are not loaded. Reload them.

My point is, if your computer can find your devices then Cubase will too… If it can’t, then you need to install them.