Lost My Key Commands

I was playing around with the key commands the other day. Being a recent comer to Cubase Pro 9.5, from Pro Tools, I imported the PT key command preset to see if it got me to the grid options I wanted. It didn’t, so I imported the Default key commands preset, hoping to just revert to what I had before. Unfortunately, now those key commands are acting funny. For instance, I’ve lost shift+G to zoom in vertically. Instead, now it starts a cycle playback of whatever I have selected. Any ideas how to get back to the factory key commands I’ve been used to?


Unfortunately the Default KeyCommand preset is not the same as the factory settings.

To get the factory settings, trash Cubase preferences. Maybe just the seller of the KeyCommands.Xml file would help.

I think that should read, Maybe just delete KeyCommands.Xml. :smiley:

Thanks for this. Unfortunately trashing the preferences didn’t restore factory key commands. I also followed the procedure in this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=81560 to try to import an .xml file a friend exported of their factory commands but could not sort out how to import that file and it’s not appearing as an option under the presets in key commands. Suggestions?

Quit Cubase and just delete the Key Commands.xml file, does that bring them back?

This would reset them to the default.


Could you clarify how one gets the ‘factory’ key commands then?

Factory = delete the mentioned file.

I was thinking you have your own setup and you want to go back to your custom Key Command.

Thanks Martin.

Hey Steve, yeah I tried that and I’m trying to get back to the factory key commands. Unfortunately quitting cubase, deleting preferences, then restarting my computer didn’t restore those key commands. What’s most annoying is that now my key commands don’t match my cubase computer keyboard icons.

Also, any suggestions on how to pull in the .xml file my friend sent me? I’ve placed it into the appropriate folder… I think.

Are you sure that the commands you seek really are the factory set? If you simply delete Key Commands.xml and then run Cubase, the factory commands will be present. It’s not actually necessary to initialize all the prefs.