Lost my serial number


My computer crashed completely and I need to reinstall Cubase to another computer. I have the USB-stick but when installing it asks for serial number. I don’t have that anymore (not sure if I ever had…?). What do to… where can I get the serial number?

P.S. Sorry if this has been asked many times already, tried to go through the old posts but didn’t find answer.

the worth of this program, Cubase, is applied to the license, you got on your USB-eLicenser. if your computer is crashed, usually it should nothing matters to, because you bought the programm as a license to work with for unlimited time, which you got on your USB-eLicenser. Did you registered your License on the Steinberg-website? when you´ve done this go to your mySteinberg-account on the Steinberg-website and look for that number. if you´ve not registered the license, it mabye is a little bit more difficoult. go to the eLCC (eLicenser control center) and look on your license you got on the eLicenser.
if you aint got the eLCC, you can download it from the Steinberg-website, here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html

where did you bought Cubase, when you´re not sure, if you ever got an activation code?
PS: which version you got of Cubase?