Lost my UR824 Driver

Brought up CB-Pro12 with my UR824 powered off. CB prompted for a driver and I accidently selected Generic Low Latency ASIO driver.
Now CB always comes up with the low latency driver and I cant find anywhere to select the Yamaha 824 driver.
If I open up Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs… there is no Yamaha driver.
I tried a reinstall of the latest UR824 software, no help.


It’s not in audio connections where you select which driver to use. I’m not in front of my pc to explain but it’s still under the studio menu

You need to go to - Studio - Studio Setup - Audio system. And select the correct driver there.


I sort of fixed it myself. I found the generic low latency driver (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio) and renamed it to .dlz so cubase couldn’t find it.
Restarted everything and CB prompted me for the Yamaha driver.