Lost papers with codes for Cubase AI. how to activate software?

I have bought ur22mkII steinberg usb interface
and i need to install WaveLab LE and Cubase AI.
lost papers with codes for it
how to activate software?
thank you

Have the activation codes been used before? Then they are used up and cannot be used a second time.
In this case (e.g. if you bought the interface used) the license on the old computer must be deactivated in order to get the license free for another computer.

However, if the codes have never been used, then it is indeed a loss if you can no longer find them.

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The licence cannot be deactivated. In this case go thru the Reactivation process, please.

Actually, there are more options. With your hardware, you got Download Access Codes (DAC):

  • If you didn’t use the DACs yet, this is the license lose.
  • If you already registered the DACs and the Activation Codes was generated, but you haven’t activated then yet, you can find the Activation Codes in your MySteinberg account and activate the licenses on the new system.
  • If you already registered the DACs and you activated the licenses by using the Activation Codes, go thru the Reactivation process, please.

If you have forgot your MySteinberg credentials, ask official Steinberg support for the help.

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