lost password activation cubase AI 6 helppp

Hello i have bought nine month ago the yamaha thr10 whith cubase AI 6.0.2. Recently i have bought a new pc but i have lost the password to activate the program. What should i do?

You should be able to reactivate through your MySteinberg account. If you have trouble with the reactivation, please create a support request. Please be sure to include your new Soft eLicense number and your original AI6 activation code (starts with 0240).

Sorry but i didn’t expain what i mean properly.
I have lost the paper whith the download access code (32 numers) to activate the license. Whath should i do?

Create a support request and include your receipt from the purchase and the name/serial number of the product you purchased AI6 with. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Where shoul i create my support request?

Login to your MySteinberg account and go to My Support. You should be able to create a request there.

Hello. I have tried to contact my steinberg three weeks ago but they didn’t answered me yet. Should I wait more?

(3) weeks seems like a bit longer than typical. Hopefully you received an auto reply email from Steinberg Support stating that they received your request. If not… you better resubmit.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes I haverecived the auto reply email from Steinberg