Lost plugin collections in Cubase 12 Pro

Copied over PluginManager.xml from 11, but Cubase 12 does not read it or generate anything like that of its own.

I have a similar problem in that upon starting Cubase it gets stuck scanning for VST3 plugins.

So much for the dongle-less DAW. So many plugs still need the dongle for activation anyway palm slap. I think I wasted my money.

Just use a profile to save settings in it and import that to 12. This transfers more settings to the new installation.

What you mean with similar? He is talking about the user configured list…

My apologies. I have sorted my problem. It was smartlimit plugin that was gumming up the works. Is all good now.

I tried exporting a profile from 11 and importing into 12. It doesn’t have anything to do with custom plugin lists. If there is a file for plugin collections, it is called something else now, not PluginManager.xml, as it was in the past.

The profiles store much more information…

Are you sure that you enabled the profile after import?

Yes I activated the imported backup profile and had to restart the program to apply. User plugin lists are not part of the preferences.

User plugin lists are part of the profile… not included in preferences.
I guess you did something wrong…

Did you created a new profile? New profiles are empty by default.
You should store the actual profile with a new name and import this.