Lost Preferences and recent project list

After installing a new plug in, I opened Artist 8 and all my preferences and recent project list was gone. It behaved like I had just installed Cubase - asking if I wanted to run the trial version, register, etc.

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting back to where I was? I uninstalled the plugin (Acustica Red EQ) and rebooted but nothing changed.


I would recommend to open the Preferences folder in Finder/Explorer, and check, if there is a backup of the old Preferences folder. If not, there is no way back (if the Preferences folder is not in your trash).

Mac Preferences folder:
Users/Your Username/Library/Preferences/Your Cubase resp. Nuendo version

Windows Preferences folder:
c:\Users*Your Username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg*Your Cubase resp. Nuendo version*#

Thank you, Martin. And where would the recent projects file be kept?

I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly, which file contains this information. It’s definitely one of the file, which is in the preferences.

But don’t worry all files are stored on your computer. They are just not lísted in Cubase.

Thanks again.