Lost presets for effects

Is it possible to restore factory presets for the effects in cubasis? I accidentally deleted the ‘default’ effects in two of them.

And a second effects related question, why can’t I delete the brickwall effect from my stereo out panel?


Hi jameslondon74,

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, there is no restore function for the factory effect presets available.
I’d suggest to give Cubasis a reinstall to restore the presets (please make sure to create a full backup of your files, before doing this).

The brickwall effect is fixed in the master slot, to maintain its correct position in the signal path.


Thanks Lars.

Would be a great feature to be able to restore presets.

Regarding brickwall. It’s frustrating because it keeps turning itself back on.


This should not be the case (gave it a short check, where the brickwall limiter properly keeps its status).
If you’ve found a problem, please create a new topic and provide us with a bug report using this bug reporting form.