Lost routing

I work with audio tracks that I route to group tracks, which in turn are routed to 5 different (output) master tracks on my console. I always save the song and project settings, but I have to reassign the group tracks to the master tracks every time I start VST-Live. VST-Live loses the settings.

… Yes, we can reproduce it. Sorry. We’ll fix it.

Thank you very much for your report,

We found the problem. The reason why it failed to be discovered during testing is, that it depends on the order of channel creation: add 3 groups, add 3 outputs, assign each of the groups to one of the new outs and it fails to re-create routing when loading. Add Outs first, then groups, and apply the same routing works. Usually, one first creates outputs. Sorry for the inconvenience, of course this will be fixed with the next version.

Hi, musicullum!
Thank you… are you really working on sunday?
This trick can help temporarily. But if I create the tracks in a certain order, the order will be reversed after saving and reopening the project.
For example: creating new outputs 1-5 and renaming (from left to right) out 1 as Drums+Bass, 2 as Guitars, 3 as Backings, 4 as Solo, 5 as other. … and assigning the hardware outputs. After saving and reopening the project you will see “other” on the lefthand and “Drums+Bass” on the righthand.
If I now try to rename and reassign the outputs, everthing gets messed up again, after assigning subgroups and reopening after saving.
It would be nice if you fixed that with the next update.


Yes, sorry, that will be fixed along with it. Have a nice weekend and thanks for your patience :slight_smile: