Lost Scrolling in ver. under Mac OS 13.2 (M1)

Running ver. (Feb 10 2023) I’m not even seeing the scrollbar in galley view. Anyone else having this behavior? (Mac OS 13.2, M1 Max Studio)

Yes, I’ve been missing the horizontal scroll bar (using the same hardware and software). It reappears intermittently, but I’ve just been dragging the score using the hand-shaped pointer, though it’s slower. I realize that Dorico is an enormously complex program, is already at a very impressive level for being a relative newcomer, and that the programmers are probably addressing this problem. If only software were truly modular, and lacked the potential for each change to produce unpredictable side effects. Regardless, Dorico is an amazing achievement, and I have never regretted switching to it, even from version 1.

I get the horizontal scrollbar as normal on a 2018 MBP, Mojave 10.14.
… Which is to say it appears only while scrolling, or dragging the scroll thumb.
… Including moving the score with the hand tool.

What do you get if you change your System scrollbar setting?

Dorico shouldn’t (and isn’t, in my experience) be doing anything unusual with the scrollbars, so in general you should find that whatever settings you have for scroll bars in System Settings (née System Preferences) will be reflected in Dorico.

I appreciate the responses. Daniel, the weird thing is taht I’ve done nothing in my OS, merely upgraded Dorico before seeing the odd behavior. I’ll poke around and see if I find anything…

In case it’s connected: I’m finding that if I gradually expand the lower zone (by dragging the top border upwards) the scroll bar in the music area keeps disappearing and reappearing. If I stop dragging at a point where the scroll bar is invisible, it doesn’t reappear until I resume dragging (either up or down). Dorico, macOS 12.6.3.

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Yes, this is a problem with the Qt application framework.

Chagrinned follow-up to my initial post:

I had enabled Bluetooth on my Mac Studio, which then led to the machine connecting with a standalone trackpad that scrolls flawlessly in galley view.

“My bad,” not Dorico 4.3’s! Oopsie…:man_facepalming: