Lost settings after crash?

I had a crash and seemed to have lost settings afterwards including my custom groove templates. anyway to get this back on mac OS?


Im on Windows, and I always make backups of my OS drive, to be save when something like this happens (happened once to me in 6 years). On top of that I backup the preferences folder of Steinberg, to be save, but thats optional.

If you don’t have any backups I suggest you start doing that. If the drive fails, or the entire computer won’t turn on again, then all data is gone and thats way worse than just trashed prefs.

In the meantime you could try to restore the settings from the Cubase11 folder, if you have used C11 before. But I don’t know where they are stored on Mac.

Thank you, the computer didn’t crash Cubase did and suddenly, settings and saved profiles are gone. So weird