Lost the Studio Setup Inputs every time I start cubase without audio Card on

I have an usb audio card Reface UC that use for Cubase.
When I don’t use Cubase I use internal mac audio card.
I have 24 midi imputs for external devices so in the Studio inside Cubase have selected every device with their own audio input from Reface audio card.
Every time I forget to turn on the Reface card before start Cubase I LOST all the setup forever and must to relink every midi device with their audio correspondent (43 audio inputs… ) .
Why I can’t simply have a option to SAVE forrever that Setup. I don’t want Cubase make decision for me.
Are there a solution for that problem?

Save a preset in Audio Connections. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is annoying. Even if I switch on the audio device and then select the correct Fireface ASIO driver when Cubase asks at startup (or when I close the program), the settings are lost and I have to go to audio connections and recall the presets for ins/outs and control room.
This definitely could be solved more user friendly…

Steve, no preset in this window.

Really I don’t understand why Cubase try to change the audio setup every time Cubase start.
For me, I have the same audio setup and studio setup for years.
Please make a buton to “Save your audio Setup Forever!!!”

Have you tried this? Though it looks like it might not be able to save multiple External Instruments in one favorite. I do not use this function, so I can’t test it.


Saving External Instrument and Effect Configurations as Favorites

You can save external instruments and external effects as favorites. Favorites are device configurations that you can recall. They also allow you to save different configurations for the same device, for example, a multi-effect board or an effect that provides both a mono and a stereo mode.


  1. Select Studio > Audio Connections.
  2. Open the External Instruments or the External FX tab.
  3. Select the bus in the list, and click Favorites.
  4. Select Add Selected Instrument/Effect to Favorites.


The external instrument or effect configuration is saved as a favorite. You can recall a favorite by clicking Favorites and selecting the configuration that you want to recall.

All my instruments in the image I send before are favorites. But then Cubase lost the audio linked to that instument, also lost for favorites.
And you can only select from favorites combo one at a time.
The good solution should be something like: Save whole setup and Restore whole setup

Well, tag this as a feature request.

Improvements here have been asked for a lot.

for the time being, your best bet is to set everything how you want, close Cubase, and then create a backup of the .xml in appdata

I leave a copy in my ‘Documents’ with a shortcut link to the appdata location, and then just copy-replace the one that has failed. then when I start Cubase, everything is back to normal

LoveGames I have tried that with no good results. (I have Mac ).
What .xml exactly do you replace with good results?

maybe External Plugins.xml ?

make sure you do it when Cubase is closed.