Lost USB dongle and Dorico 4

I’ve lost my USB dongle with the license of Dorico 3.5, for which I bought upgrade to 4. For the moment, it is still activated in my Activation Manager, but will I need the dongle upon reinstallation?

I ask this because my Cubase 12 stopped working, saying “verification pending” and again needing the USB dongle… I have a support ticket since October 17 but no answer from Steinberg.

So do I have to buy the software again? I hope not… :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your USB-eLicenser. Your Dorico 4 license is fully activated, so you won’t have any problems there. Your Cubase 12 license, however, has temporarily expired until such time as you can verify your update. What update/upgrade to Cubase Pro 12 did you buy? Was it an update from an earlier version of Cubase Pro, or an upgrade from a lower product tier?

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Ah thanks! It was an update of an earlier version of Cubase Pro (I went from 8.5 to 10 to 11 to 12).

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if you registered the USB eLicenser that contained your older Cubase Pro license, because it doesn’t appear on your account. Unless perhaps you have or have had multiple Steinberg accounts with different eLicensers associated with them? Perhaps under another, older email?

I’m afraid not… My mailaddress changed but I changed it in my account I guess.

I’m afraid I don’t know what else should be done at this stage if the USB-eLicenser with your Cubase Pro license is both physically lost and also not listed in your account. If you can let me know your ticket number, I can ask somebody in the support team to try and get to your ticket soon.

Thanks! My ticket number is #516516.

Before reinstallation of my computer Cubase 12 was fully activated, so I didn’t expect it still to ask my dongle… :-s

It doesn’t appear that was the case, I’m afraid, Jonas. Your Cubase Pro 12 update has never been verified, so it would always have expired after 30 days. I will ask my colleagues in support what we can do.

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Great, they have retrieved my USB licenser somewhere in the cloud, solved!!! Thanks a lot!!

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