I lost this quite some time ago and i’ve only just got round to attempting to sort this out yet i’ve reached the first hurdle. I have requested ‘Zero Downtime’ on the lost e-licence containing Cubase 7 and VTS Yamaha Tape Saturation Plug ins basically 1k worth of items. I requested ‘Zero Downtime’ on the e-license in order to receive the email containing the pdf form you fill in in order to receive a permanent replacement but yet on this form it says "Lost USB E-Licenser Number’ but yet when i requested ‘Zero Downtime’ on the lost license this made the lost license disappear from the e-license menu making me unable to retrieve the specific number of the lost licenser number so i don’t quite understand could somebody please elaborate on this and walk me through the process, or do i enter the number they gave me for the all access zero downtime licence instead on the form? i just want my hard earned money back in a way and i’ve just spent more money in purchasing another e-license ready to receive my old product licenses, please any advise would be greatly appreciated and i’m sure many of you have done this before…:blush:

I think you may be confusing the eLicenser number and the numbers of the licenses that were on that eLicenser.

Thank You for your reply but how do i locate these numbers when the e-licenser containing the license numbers of the products disappears when you request downtime?, this even happens on the demo video they have so i know that i didn’t accidentally delete the license, i’m still confused

If you’ve created an account at Steinberg.net: https://www.steinberg.net/, click on My Steinberg top right of page, log-in, then > My Products > eLicencer tab > click the arrow on the right and you’ll see all your Activation Codes, those are the ones required. If I’m wrong about those numbers, you’ll also see your USB eLicencer number.

If you have’nt created an account before your problems, I don’t know what you should do…sorry.


Thank You for your reply. Yes i’ve looked here many times but as i said once you request downtime on the lost USB the lost USB disappears from the menu in question making you unable to retrieve any number be that a product number or the USB license number which is required for the form that is sent to your email to request a permanent replacement containing the product licenses. I have found the video that i am referring to and the same thing happens here, he requests downtime on the lost USB and that lost USB disappears from the menu in question which is the exact thing that happens to me. I follow this video and receive the email containing the form for the replacement but the video does not tell you where you locate your lost USB license number after you have requested downtime and it has disappeared from the USB E-License Menu on either of the tabs. I have provided a link to the video below so people may understand what i’m referring to, this is an official Steinberg Support Video taken from the official site.

:bulb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stvi6YaZ3Xs :bulb:

I have attached two images below of what concerns me regarding the form, and also a screenshot of the USB E-License menu only showing i believe the new E-Licenser which i have purchased and not showing the lost E-Licenser containing the products which disappeared from the menu after requesting downtime

I don’t know what else to tell you, except contact My Support via that page in the photo.

Sorry, and good luck,


Awaiting contact from support, I shall keep this post updated in case anyone else experiences the same difficulty