Lost USB Elicense

I need help guys. A have the super old version of cubase se3. I recently lost the usb elicense. Is there a way to bypast it?

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Are you sure it’s SE3 and not SL3 or SX3? I don’t think Cubase SE3 required a USB-eLicenser. I seem to remember it was a simple serial number. Look for a number on the box or CD.

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In any case, your will need to get in touch with your local Steinberg support and provide your MySteinberg account username.

Actually I have just checked (coughing dust from the attic) – Cubase SE3 did in fact require the USB “Steinberg Key”, later known as the USB-eLicenser. If you’ve lost that, then there’s no way to bypass it. As Martin says, you’ll need to contact Steinberg support (this is a user-to-user forum).

I was thinking of Cubase SE1, which needed only a serial number .

Thanks guys. I guess i have to get a new version now. Any suggestions on which version to get and where i can get it from?

There’s a 60-day trial available. Even Elements is light-years beyond what SE3 could do, and you can always upgrade later if you need it.

Irs called ELEMENTS?

It’s **

Yes, there are three editions now, rising in price from Elements to Artist to Pro. Even the least expensive Cubase 13 Elements already has 20 years worth of additional features compared to Cubase SE3.

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