got a “lost your vst bridge” text box last week. All my 32 bit vst plugins are not accessable. Also I am locked out of all my album files, when Nuendo loads a file it locks up just after the makie mixer load. This is true for ll my album files except for one song that did not use VST plugs.
I contacted Jbridge and they said that their product should cure the issue, but they warned me that I will need to stop the defective VST nuendo bridge form looking for plugins when J bridge does. How does one do that??

What does anyone know about how to solve this issue. I would readily agree to let the 32 bit plugs go forever rather that risk loosing my album, but I cant get into the files to eliminate the vst plugs, limitors conpressors, reverb etc.
The files just wont open…

I am running a win 7 service pac 1
Intel ® ™ i7 cpu 2.8 gig
8 gigs ram
moto USB 64 bit
Steinberg 816 pair
N vidia Gforce gtx260
Nuendo 5.5.5
NAative INstruments
Sampletank 2.5 64 bit
32 bit card for all the UA vsts

VST Bridge is one of the worst piece of software ever