Lost VST in Nuendo 12

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does anyone know the reason for the missing VST’s (Mystic, Prologue, Spector) after Nuendo update to V12 from V11? After the update from Cubase 11 to Nuendo 11 they were still working.
I just need to know if this is related to an SW update failure or if the VST’s are really removed.
Because if I use the V11, they are still working…

They have been removed from Cubase 12, so I am assuming Nuendo 12 is the same situation.

It is interesting, though, that the Cubase 12 release notes mention them being removed but the Nuendo 12 release notes say nothing about it.

Hmmm … :neutral_face: .


Thanx a lot for the info. Then I’ll shift my change to V12 to some later date…

These old plugins had to be removed due to incompatibility with M1 and other issues.

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I found the same thing with Mystic.
To solve the problem, I reopened the project under N10 and made a “Render” of the Mystic track, then I switched to N12 .

LoopMash disappears too, :sob: :triumph:
I used it in many music projects!
Too bad, I’ll go back down to Nuendo 11 to use it.

sometimes the simpliest solutions are overseen… :innocent:
But this does only work if you don’t need to modify the base anymore… :wink:

As far as I’ve seen in the DL Manager, Loopmash seems to be available for DL.
I haven’t done it yet as it is not such important for me know…

Nope, the “LoopMash” in the SDA ist the LoopMash content (the loops primarily), this is still available. But the LoopMash VSTi itself is no longer available in C12/N12. This does not apply to “LoopMash FX”, that one is unaffected and still part of the application.


Thanx for your info. :fu:

So vst3 is no more available? really???

The LoopMash instrument (along with some other old synths) have been discontinued and removed from C12 and N12.

There is no other third party VSTi available to match, or come close to LoopMash on the market, and LoopMash FX cannot do what LoopMash VST instrument does. The features of the instrument inspired more creativity than even Cubase Pro or Nuendo programs for those of us who used near-chaos to get ideas for experimental works. I don’t know, nor do I care what it would take to get LoopMash VSTi back for Nuendo 12 and going forward, but I would never have locked myself into another Cubase/Neundo (Nuendo now) after such an unannounced reduction in capacity as some sort of “progress” toward a “better” product. Does no one at Steinberg/Yamaha understand the actual customers they purport to have pouring money into “keeping up with the newer technologies” in the field of computer music. I feel like we are going back to a time when we need to use acoustic instruments and reel to reel tape in order to lay down tracks that are becoming more and more restricted to movie and commercial composers and losing the ability to do experimental sound design with fascinating tools that not only allow for that (like Halion full version, which I have) but inspire it with novel ideas and structures the way LoopMash did. Lots of VST synthesizers exist out there and granular synths as well, even in Nuendo, but nothing could chop and mix and flow and surprise like LoopMash VSTi with its eight ‘tracks’ at once to granulize and build the most amazing unmatchable surprising ideas to take us off in directions we never could/will think of or stumble across than LoopMash VSTi. Bring it back Yamaha/Steinberg or whomever you are. Whatever it takes. I bought Nuendo 12 as crossover from Cubase Pro 11.5 so I don’t have Nuendo 11 to go back to and all of my Cubase licenses that go back to Cubase 4 are dead to me now, not by choice. It is rather my punishment for moving up to Neundo from Cubase. There you have my rant. Kindly accept it as a simple lament and cry into the void from a powerless user who is barely hanging on to a product that has moved too far forward too quickly without consulting with its user base. I expect nothing from ‘whomever you are’. I just can’t believe the obliviousness of some corporations as to whom their real customers are. Bring back the LoopMash VSTi. It is/was the closest thing to artificial intelligence for experimental electronic/neoAcoustic music Steinberg had. If you want to kill a useless feature, kill LoopMash FX in favor of it’s useful full featured VSTi. Love Cubase and Nuendo by the way. Just to be clear. Just don’t love the decisions being made in the back offices of ‘whomever you are’ in the name of ‘progress’. And I’m obviously no Luddite. I love technology and the music of the future that is coming out of it. But there is little reason to erase most of the tools so, so many of us used to create forward motion in the field just because they have a little rust around the edges. Thanks for ‘listening’. Too many single and even double quotes I know. But this is all to make a point not to be grammatically correct. Just bring it back. Thank you.

I don´t know, why this topic has been marked as solved, but here comes the solution.

You can use the synthengine.vst and the Loopmash_x64.vst which come with the Nuendo 11 installation. Successfully applied here in Nuendo 12 on Windows 10.

Please see here:

No, wrong understanding. VST3 itself is of course supported

If the old VST’s had to be removed, due to performance, then I’ve decided to close this topic by setting my question to solved.
It doesn’t help to use old VST when it has a performance impact on the new functionalities…