Lots of Freezes with Freezedump files - how do I get info on this?


Been having a lot of Freezedump files written after freezes but cant extract useful information on these using WinDbg. Is there another tool to read these properly?



Did you ever get any information on these? I’ve just started getting these freezedumps as well.

You can use Visual Studio to open the dump file, then select “Debug with Native Only”. This can tell you which module crashed (Nuendo/Cubase component, third party plugin, OS file…). Do note that this isn’t necessarily the direct cause of the crash.

If you’re getting repeatable crashes or freezes, it’s strongly recommended to send these dumps to Steinberg Support, along with reproduction steps. They may be able to provide workarounds, and if it’s found to be a Nuendo issue, it will be listed as a bug to be fixed.

Thanks @Romantique_Tp
I was able to get an error code from WinDbg that points to wdmaud. Looks like a midi output device issue so I disabled all unused midi out devices and it seems to have taken care of it. If it reoccurs, I will open a ticket.