Lots of "hanging" issues

On a PC, running the latest Cubase, and Windows 10

95% of the time when I “close” Cubase with an open-active project, once the project has closed, and you would expect Cubase to then quit, it hangs, and I have to end the task

75% of the time, if I have an active project, load a 2nd project and choose tp activate, the project will load, and then cubase will hang as soon as I try to go anything (like play, or change the tempo, or open a midi part ect)

Many times, if I first “close” a project, it will close fine, I then go to the menu to chose “file/quit” as soon as file -highlights-…Cubase will hang.

Not sure if looking at the crash logs will help, is it even a “crash” if the process hangs and stops responding?

Feels like Cuabse has always been a bit like this, but seems much more consistant these days, I get like one clean quit maybe in a day if I am lucky.

Is it possible to look at the crashlogs in a meaningful way these days? I know on older versions, you could open them up in a text viewer and figure out which 3rd party plugin was cusing the crash. But like I say, is a hang, the same as a crash? Would the logs even be meaningful?

Anyways…I’ve waffled on enough. any pointers?


Attach the crash dump file. We will see, if there is anything useful.

Well… the latest Cubase crash dump was from 7/10/2019…which I have tried to attach, but forum says it’s too large. (29meg or so)

here it is on my google drive though : https://drive.google.com/open?id=12OBD_Kurf-8sh7c0Mf47PVew13yWYdAC

Have deffo hang hangs since then though, but worth a look I guess. Thanks.


THe crash is in NI Komplete Kontrol.

Like I say, have deffo had hangs since that date.
Weirdly I rarely use NI Komplete Kontrol as a VST plugin. Will check the logs next time it hangs on me (haven’t been working today) and see if it generates a new log and re-post.

Out of interest…how are you reading the log?

Just to update :
It’s weirdly been behaving quite well sicne I posted this, but had some hanging today whilst working.
Have checked, and there are no new (or updated) crashlogs. So looks like it doesn’t generate a crashlog when it’s hanging :frowning:


Then you can use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a crash dump file manually.

Thanks for that info Martin. I will look into that :slight_smile:

I “think” I have done this correctly. Anybody want to have a look for me?


I have just (today) updated to 10.0.50 and I suspect that I have the same problem. It is certainly slower to save/close the file.


I’m sorry, there is nothing usefull in the dmp file. There are only 2 lines in the stack_text:

Both of them are system messages.

I saw in another thread that someone had some luck with disabling “use hub” in the settings. But that’s hasn’t done mcuh for me.

Thanks so much for looking though. I did try to open the file in a dmp reader and have a look, but wasn’t overly sure what I was looking for :laughing: