Lots of Love to DMGAudio!

I’ve not seen a general thread about these tools here so thought it high time one got started.
There are “only” 2 plugins available but they are both true swiss army knives…

Both are available in every format you can think of too - Windows VST,VST3,VST 64,VST3 64,RTAS. Mac VST,VST3,VST 64,VST3 64,AU32+64bit,RTAS and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

The EQ first - this thing is truly amazing. It is one of the most flexible EQ I have ever used, and can be set up to mimic - very accurately too - almost any other EQ available. Okay, it can take work to do what can be done in seconds with the RND Portico EQ, bu you can get there with a little time & effort, and that time & effort is well repaid. All I can really say is to try it for yourself & prepare to dent the plastic.

The Compressor is also very, very versatile with as many as 95 separate parameters if you want to dig deeply, or as few as a half-dozen if you use automatic release & gain makeup - this includes input/output levels, so can be reduced to threshold & ratio at it’s simplest form. Where this puppy really scores is it’s details. You have various mods built into it that allow it to be set up to mimic all manner of comps, and again this requires work, trial & error to get right but it is extremely rewarding when you take this time to learn it. I’ve certainly never before seen a plugin with so much tweakability on offer, right down to micro management of the threshold parameters such as bleed, hysteresis, ceiling, ceiling curve & depth - this can be seriously abused or extremely subtle and anywhere in-between.

Cannot big these up enough.