Lots of VSTs not working in Cubase Elements 7

Hi, I have downloaded many free VST sounds and most of them doesn’t work at all as no sound is played while my keyboard is connected correctly, as some other VST do work on my keyboard.

These are examples of VST that doesn’t work:

Dark gui - element
DSK SF2 (sound font player)
Goth Thang

No sound come out for them. On the VST windows screen these instruments have nothing written in the 2nd text space (the choice of the patch) except Dark gui element that has Patch 1 (and gives choice of patch 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) but nothing sounds at all… I thought I needed to load something, so I have tried to move the knobs and save a file on DSK SF2, and loading it again, but nothing at all again.

I have to mention I have Jbridge installed for another program and I don’t know if it can interfere

Anyone knows how to make them work, or why they doesn’t work? any help would be appreciate

I would suggest checking with those plugin manufacturers to verify their setup and version support for your system. If they are not 64 bit, I would suggest running them in Cubase Elements 7 32 bit.

Thanks for the answer, but it’s about 90% of the downloaded plugins that doesn’t work, that’s why I might think I have missed something, or maybe something could be done to use the plugins…

Hi Kennan,

do you have all of those plugins installed in the same folder? Sometimes if Cubase can’t load a plugin, all the rest of the plugins in the same location will be ingnored. Try removing plugins from your VST Plugins folder and see if the other ones get loaded. If so, then one of those removed plugins is the source of the issue.

Hope this helps


Have you actually downloaded any sf2 libraries to load into DSK SF2…it won’t have sounds built in.
2 of the others are also samplers/players = no built in sound…no idea on Dark GUI - Element, couldn’t find anything about it online.