Loud bursts of noise from Cubase 11


Twice this last days I have had VERY loud bursts of noise from the output of Cubase 11.
The channel selected was a VSL Harp on VEPro7 on a remote Mac Pro with an instance of Altiverb 7 on.

Has any body experienced this?
Luckily I didn’t had my headphones on, I think I would have been seriously injured.

Any help much appreciated.

I’ve had loud noise bursts using Synthmaster 1. In my case it was the VST instrument, in your case it might be that but your situation is complicated by running your instrument remotely. You could try updating all your plugins.

Well I think every thing is updated, well I know, but now I suddenly had a crash on my VEPro 7 on the PC server, and it took Cubase with in. So there is definitely something unstable.
Get rather paranoid to be “waiting” for those chock bursts.

I have also got this when pushing cubase with high load and low latency. Sound like a sirens. Im on OSX.

You could put a limiter on the channel, set to zero gain with a suitable output level, depending on the levels you use on your instrument tracks - you’d still get a horrible noise but at least it would be more controlled. Or put it on a group channel or the master bus - but here the output levels would need to be louder.

Same here. I heard a loud noise when I bypassed some FX and on one other occasion.

I have the same problem using VE Pro it triggers other instruments that are not being played when using the Mac command keys plus when I press command keys on my apple keyboard
it sends cc messages Im just guessing to VE Pro and changes the expression map it was on. It’s unusable I have to go back to 10.5 until this gets fixed hopefully soon.

I am on a brand new Mac Pro running Catalina (10.15.7). I have been experiencing this as well, and have been able to narrow it down to a singular cause on my system.

I am running VE Pro 7 server locally on the Mac Pro, and on an external PC. I am getting a loud noise burst, which renders the VE instance unusable until I disconnect, and reconnect the instance. The noise is not present in VE, and only present in Cubase. If I Disconnect the instance, the noise will remain until I reconnect it.

I have found that disarming the record on a midi track while playing back is the cause. Cubase would always hiccup with VEPro when doing this, but on my new system it is causing this epic burst of noise that does not go away until you re-initialize the VE Instance.

Can anyone else confirm that this causes the issue on their system?

Hopefully this can be resolved soon!