loud endless notes added during midi recording.

I play the piano and use a midi connection to record it into Cubase. I use RME Babyface for this. The problem is that every time Cubase adds a very loud low note and doesn’t stop it until I stop recording. Do you know if there is something to do for stopping this from happening. It is very disruptive. I have Windows Vista 32 bits.
I remember that this problem already happened with Cubase at least ten years ago with another computer and sound interface or midi system so I’m a bit pessimistic…

Use an app like MIDI ox to see what’s being transmitted. Always make sure to use the specific MIDI port and not All MIDI Inputs. Is the keyboard set to Local Off? Stuck key? Is a remote device enabled like Generic Remote?

Already 10 minutes that I play the piano and still no sign that the problem with the stuck notes or chords would reoccur, apparently it was because I used the ALL MIDI Inputs instead of the Babyface Midi Port 1…I could visualize the extra notes which were added : they looked like parrallel lignes which lasted until the end of the song, above the pattern of the song itself. But it was a problem with a specific Midi Port.
I forgot in my first mail to say that it worked when I connected the midi cable to my old Midiman 2x2 instead of using the midi ports of the Babyface but I probably automatically removed the ALL MIDI Inputs for putting those of the Midiman.
Thanks again!

I have recorded a longer time and the loud disruptive chords have again returned if I use Babyface for connecting the midi cables. But if I use Midiman instead there is no such problem, very strange…