Loud pop noise at the begining of the recording.

Im getting a loud pop noise at the begining of a track created via audiobus or interapp audio, sending midi to the app from cubasis.

1-connect cubasis to any app via inter app audio or audiobus.
2-create a MIDI track and route to the app connected to cubasis and then record the midi track as audio

The recorded audio track has a rather loud pop noise at the begining of the track. Its more noticeable at high volumes.
This loud pop noise doesnt ocurr with audio tracks not created using Inter app audio even at higher volumes.
Im just using my iPad (Air 2) standalone, it doesnt matter wheter i use headphones or the iPad speakers. Any help Is apreciated. I havent found this problem described elsewhere so its maybe something im doing wrong.

Gave the following scenarios a quick check:

  • Launch Audiobus

  • Load 3rd party app as input, load Cubasis as output

  • Record a few bars of audio from 3rd party app to audio track in Cubasis

  • Launch Cubasis

  • Create a MIDI track and load 3rd party app as instrument via IAA

  • Record a few bars of MIDI in Cubasis

Both cases worked as expected.

Please let us have a more detailed step by step description how to reproduce the problem.