Loud white noise audible and visible when zooming in and disappearing when opening wave editor

Has anybody ever seen this?

  1. When playing back a Cubase project, sometimes, on a random audio channel, a loud white noise sounds (dependent on the fader level)

  2. When I’m able to find from which channel the noise comes from, I can zoom in the project window and when I zoom in closely enough, a maxed out waveform is visible. When I zoom out again, the waveform is gone.

  3. Zooming in and out shows that the loud waveform isn’t actually in the file but seems more of a display issue in cubase.

  4. Opening the wave editor sometimes shows the same block, sometimes only very shortly. When the "block"waveform is not visible anymore by zooming in on the waveform, the loud noise is gone. I can playback the project again without problems, until the same happens (on the same or another channel)

I 've had it since a few days, with different projects, both on Cubase 11 and 12, with different soundcards (UR816c and Komplete Audio 6). Always on my Windows 10 Laptop. (Unfortunately I don’t have another computer at my disposal at the moment)

It appears randomly on different channels, and I’ve just had it in a project with no plug-ins…

See video link (don’t turn your speakers up!!)

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

I moved my projects from my SSD drive to the HDD and that seemed to have solved it