Louder mix in N6

Hello group

I have a project in N5.5.6 with a loudness of 0.3 LU (Nugen loudness meter)
When I open the same project in N6.0.5, the loudness is 0.7 LU (Nugen loudness meter and Loudness track).
It happens with more projects, in N6 they are louder than in N5.5, approx. 0.3/0.4 LU.

To be sure I exported the ‘louder’ N6 mix and checked that in N5.5, and the export is also 0.7 LU louder.



Any plug ins involved?

Bye / Tumppi

Off course, but every project has different plugins… still the loudness is constantly + 0.3/0.4 LU.



Had some time to do a little testing, and I think it is the Nuendo EQ.
I started a new project with only one voice-over track and a music track, no processing, no plugins, mixed it at 0LU in N5.5 and this was also 0LU in N6.
Than I added Ozone5, it stayed 0LU in N5.5 and N6. Than I added some Waves plugins, it stayed 0LU in N5.5 and N6.
Finally I removed all plugins and only did some EQing to the voice-over track. It stayed 0LU in N5.5, but in N6 it was 0.3LU…



I read somewhere that the EQ in v6.x isn’t exactly the same as in n5.x. I didn’t believe it but someone posted a quote of an official statement on it somewhere. Gearslutz perhaps. You might want to research this yourself as communication here is pathetic.

Also check your pan law.

From the knowledge base:

“The channel EQ in Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7 has been newly developed and is technically not the same EQ as in previous versions anymore. We have taken care to make sure that EQ settings saved in projects of previous versions are correctly translated to the new EQ to retain the same perceived sound as best as possible. However, when loading projects saved in a previous version into Nuendo 6 / Cubase 7 you may notice minor variances of the Q-Factor value for all EQ bands, especially evident when using the “Parametric I” filter. In this case the sound of the playback, dependent of the audio material on which such EQ band filters are applied, can be more or less noticeably different and may require re-adjusting the Q-Factor on affected channels.”