Loudness analyzer report - options?

I’m using the Audio Analyzer batch process to generate global reports about thousands of audio files. Great tool!

But, I was wondering if there was a way to generate a report that isolated the data from the accompanying text string. For example, in the CSV file, under the header “Maximum Momentary Loudness” there appears not a single numerical value, but two values accompanied by text labels.

example -8.7 LUFS (reference + 14.3 LU)

It would be better for me if the numbers and text were separated, maybe creating two different headers (LUFS, LU) under which the respective values would appear. But I can’t see any options for this.

Of course, I could use a tool after the fact to strip out the text strings and separate the two numerical values, but it would be best if those steps weren’t needed.

Any ideas?

Such an option does not exist. You would need to post-process the text files to suit your needs.

Then that’s what I’m doing. Thanks, PG!