Loudness Distriburion

Does WaveLab Pro 9 have “Loudness distribution”, or, is it included in another window? I searched the forum, I searched the “Help” menu in WaveLab to no avail.

The tutorials on MacProVideo that mention it are for V7. Those for V9 don’t, so, being a new comer, I don’t know what to look for, of how it will work.

Any ideas?


Perhaps you’re speaking of the 3D Frequency Analysis in the Analyze Ribbon Tab?

See attachment:
Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 5.51.01 PM.jpg

No. I don’t think that is it. Here are two screen shots.
On-Line Tutorial.jpg
WaveLab Pro 9.png

Ah, somebody else may know better (PG will for sure) but I think what you are looking for is now available in the Loundess Meter section.

It’s not something I used so sorry for the weak info here.

GTBannah, I think you’re looking for the loudness tab? In your screenshot in the left lower corner, next to the Waveform tab, there are tabs for spectrum view and loudness view. Gives even more info than your example.

Yes, thanx! I saw that, but I don’t know how to interpret it. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to interpret that information. The visuals in the V7 tutorial are different from what I’m seeing in V9, and, being a beginner, I need help “translating” between the two.

Thanx, again!

This has been changed to the loudness meter window:
The yellow lines are the loudness distribution.

This is what I thought happened. One thing I see in the old version from V7 is it looks like some offline analyzation can be done while the new version seems to require live playback. Is there a way in WaveLab 9 to get an offline reading fast than real-time?


Yes but only in Audio File

  1. make an selection in wav
    2.Tab Analyze
    3.select “Audio Selection”

regards S-EH

Thank you, for this, PG!

Now, there was a “percentage time” aspect to the V7 tutorial.

  1. How does this translate to V9?
  2. What are “I, S and M” in the same window?
  1. Integrated, Short-term and Momentary loudness. Manual p.470 - and p.133 for the Loudness Tab (same info, but static without having to play back).

How does this translate to V9?

Same as in WaveLab 7, but now this is horizontal, not vertical display.

Thank you! (Y)

Thank you! (Y)