Loudness measurement and processing

It would be great if Cubase Pro have this function: “Loudness measurement and processing”. Thank you.

Not sure what you might mean by “processing” but there is a perfectly fine Loudness Meter in the Control Room.

Ok cool. I am working with Nuendo and when you compare the feature betwen the two software on Steinberg’s website, Cubase doest not have “Loudness measurement and processing” feature. Cool if Cubase have this feature in the CR.

I assume the processing is Loudness Normalization, which Nuendo has both at Export and at DOP. Nuendo also has a Loudness Track.
Since loudness is relevant also for music, it would be great if these features were also in Cubase.

There’s another request thread for this here. I have some links in that thread to these features in the Nuendo online user manual.