Loudness meter crest and LRA

I was wondering if there are any plans on updating the loudness/LUFS meter.
It would be great to have a LRA (loudness range) and crest factor indicator as well.
Maybe even make a combined meter with peak values as well. Now you can see the peaks of course, but not like in the levelmeter.

Now that we are at the LUFS/K weighting system, are there any plans on implementing K-weighting into the smart Bypass option? Right now it’s working on RMS, and I really think it would be even better if it was working with LUFS values instead, or have the option enable that.

Any plans on those PG?

LRA is already displayed, please check the manual.

Yes, I agree smart Bypass should support weighting in the future.

Hi PG,

I feel pretty stupid regarding the LRA and metering… :blush:
I knew it was there, and use it because I have even set the values different then EBU R128 (I set it to -14/spotify values) including the LRA.
Weihjting in smart bypass would be brilliant!