Loudness meter different readings

Hi group

I just did a project that needed a Netflix dialogue gated loudness mix. I used the Supervision Netflix preset. The mix was -26,8LUFS.
If I use VisLM or Insight2 as dialogue gated loudness meter, the reading says -26LUFS.

I checked it on 3 different systems.
What is going on?

Best, Alan

Can somebody please replicate this on his/her system? Just grab a 5.1 mix with dialogue, measure it with Supervision (preset Loudness, Netflix, surround with dialogue) and do the same with Insight 2 (Netflix preset) or VisLM2 (Netflix 5.1 preset). Does it show the same outcome? On my systems there is a ±0,5LU-1LU difference (depending on the project/length).

Best, Alan

Hi Alan. :vulcan_salute:

To ensure that all plug-ins display the same information, they must use the same parameters. For example, the SuperVision and control room loudness settings must be set separately. (You must use the same values in the CR meter as in SuperVision.) Is this the case for you?