loudness meter graphic issue still unsolved

resizing issue is still here in 7.2
loudness meter resize.jpg

Yes, it is still happening here as well.

yep, same

It don’t resize at all here ! :laughing:


this is happening every time opening a project now ,not just once in a while as in 7.1 but every time now …if this is what you call fixing the mixing consul gui then i would hate to see what you do to break it

+1 here too. FYI, they did a remote session with me and saw it do that. I believe I was told it would be fixed in 7.02…

aahh ok maybe 7.3 then lol

The Loudness meter doesn’t work. Nothing appears in this section after it has been switched on.
(Windows 8 64bit)
Screen Print - loudness meter.png

I’m getting the exact same problem. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Your main studio connections are unconnected! They need to be connected.