Loudness Settings, Labeling of the Buttons

Loudness Settings
In the screenshot you see the Lu and +18 Scale buttons.
They are currently set to LUFS and +9 Scale, but the labeling have not changed.

The labeling indicates what is happening if you click the buttons.

That was not my point. I already knew that the background of the LU button turns white when LU is actually measured and that the background of the +18-Scale button turns white when the +18-Scale actually appears above. However, it would be more elegant and less confusing if the keys were labeled LUFS and +9-Scale, respectively, and if this label then changed to LU and +18-Scale, respectively, after clicking (i.e. after switching).

You are in a settings window. I don’t get the point. If you switch a setting on, the button is highlighted.

Well - the misunderstanding is perhaps based on the fact that this is not a bug, but rather a blemish. I have found about 10 other beauty bugs in Cubase. Unfortunately there is no category in the forum for something like this. Therefore I posted it here.
So: you can see the window with the two buttons that have the inscription LU and +18-Scale respectively. So, although you see this inscription, but instead LUFS is measured and +9-Scale applies. This is confusing. It should say LUFS or +9-Scale on the keys and this inscription should change to LU or +18-Scale when you click on these buttons and thus switch the measurement.
Such a flaw is perfectly acceptable in a program cobbled together by an amateur. However, I find it alarming when something like this appears in a program that is the world leader in its category. Am I nitpicking?

There is no flaw…
The measurement window shows the information.
The settings window just has switches to turn something on or off. That’s it.

There are real problems to discuss.

What happens when you press the “solo” button? It lights up. Does the word on the button change? No. Same with “mute”. Transport buttons? Same thing. Automation? Same thing.

The standard is that when you have a button that does something the text tells you what the button does when pressed. If it latches it stays lit when depressed. This is almost always the case. To be consistent it should be the case.

If this was not the case and you were a new user - what would you expect that the button did if it said “LUFS” on it and you were already measuring “LUFS”? It wouldn’t tell you what would happen if you pressed it, right? So it could be “LU”, could be “RMS”, could be “True Peak”…? You’d be forced to read somewhere what the button does because in your proposed scenario the button no longer tells you what it does when you press it, it tells you what the current state is.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something the button functions properly and the GUI is correct and consistent with the rest of the GUI, both in Cubendo and in other DAWs and software (and hardware for that matter).

Granted: There are really more important problems to solve. As I said before: It’s just a blemish. On the other hand: It’s not much effort to change it. One could label the keys with LUFS / LU or +9-Scale / +18-Scale. In the normal state, LUFS or +9-Scale would be highlighted and LU or +18-Scale would be dark. If you click on the buttons, the other side lights up.

But is it though? The label on the button informs you what it does when activated. This follows the convention of just about every on/off push button in the world. Just like the Play button on your dvd remote doesn’t read Stop when a movie is not playing.

All right - then it’s not a blemish. Nevertheless, I stand by my opinion that my suggestion is an improvement.