Loudness track; no curves & weird readout [SOLVED]

I need some help with the Loudness Track which I -unfortunately- never got working properly. Or better; which I probably don’t understand. :blush:

I thought that the Loudness Track is a track which shows the Short, Momentary and Intergrated loudness curves of a time-region which is specified by the Left and Right Locator? I thought that, when I create either a mono, a stereo or a multichannel surround project, the Loudness Track “renders” its curves from the output of the Main Output which is specified at the “Outputs”-tab of the VST Connections-window?
Then, why is it that when I import a simple, commercial MP3 onto a stereo music track in my Post Production template, which eventually feeds into my 5.1 “Main Mix”, and when I press “Quick Analysis” on my Loudness Track, no curves appear? Yes; The Inspectors’ values of this Loudness Track change and show the correct/current values…but no curves appear!?
The same happens when I press “Enable Recording Of Loudness Curve”…no curves appear!?
Yes, sometimes a blue curve appears with very strange readouts and dips and peaks disappearing below and above the track-space-limits…very strange and unusable for me. I thought that with this commercial (popmusic-) track, normalised @ -8dBFS, playing, a “normal”, “well-readable” curve should appear?

What am I doing wrong?
Is there is any Loudness Track Expert; please help.

Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.

Is the behavior different when you either a) run the actual mix as opposed to an imported stereo track, or b) change the output channels to stereo to match the track that feeds the output?

Thanks MattiasNYC,
yes, the behaviour is much different:
When I create an empty -stereo- project, add a single stereo track and a loudness track, the loudness track calculates the curves 100% as expected.
When I add a 5.1 output in this project, and make that my Main Mix and route the stereo track directly into this 5.1-output, the same happens, so I can conclude that Nuendo can render a Loudness Curve from either a stereo Main Mix, or from a 5.1-Main Mix.

Now, I need to find out why the Loudness Track doesn’t properly calculate its curves in my 5.1 template.
The first thing which makes me worry is the fact that the Loudness Track in my “empty project” showed a EBU 128 reference loudness level of -23 LUFS (0 LU), displayed as a horizontal line, but the Loudness Track in my template doesn’t!
I imported this commercial stereo audio file again into a stereo track, bypassed all my inserts (too heavy on my old MacBook Pro to have all the inserts in my template active), and pressed “Quick Analysis”. The curve which appeared had the same red “fields”, indicating the True Peaks as in my “empty project”, but it didn’t show the -blue- Loudness Curve except for some weird small piece of blue line at the end of my project. It looks like this blue line is part of a much bigger curve which didn’t fit in the Loudness Track’s track-space?!

With the above in mind, I started thinking; maybe there is some scale-control on this track? Some zooming-control maybe? Soon I found out that there is a fader, which pops up after pressing the numbers in the dark-grayed-zone between the light-greyed track header and the tracks’ meter, which controls the “visible loudness - upper limit” and the “visible loudness - lower limit”…problem solved.

I’d like to note 2 inconsistencies in the Loudness Track. I don’t expect -anymore- Steinberg is gonna solve them, but here’s 2 things which you have to keep in mind before you think “This Loudness Track doesn’t meet to my expectations”, like I did…:

  1. The fader which should pop up when clicking the “visible loudness - upper limit”-number or the “visible loudness - lower limit”-number simetimes simply doesn’t show up (I experienced this since Nuendo 8.2), so you have to manually type in your upper and lower limits, by means of double clicking on them.
  2. The dark-grayed-zone between the light-greyed track header and the tracks’ meter-space in the Loudness Track, which houses the “visible limit”-numbers , only shows when the Loudness Track is selected…