Loudness track

I would love to see loudness track in next Cubase release (by loudness I mean both average and peak).
I know that there are some plug ins on the market with loudness history but it’s not the same when you clearly see what section of your mix is to loud or to quiet when compare to the rest of your mix. IMO this feature would be a great addition to Cubase offer


This would be way too computationally intensive to maintain while adjusting all the things that could influence loudness in a mix. If the track were generated only when requested (i.e., a generate-loudness-track command), then that would be feasible, in which case it might indeed make for a very useful feature.

Good, so that’s another in favor of the idea of a Cubase Loudness track!

I’m open to the idea you are correct on this. But it seems like that computation is already occurring. If the Control Room’s Loudness Meter is visible I can see a moment by moment readout of loudness. Wouldn’t just taking those values and writing them to a track accomplish what the OP asks for?

The meter shows what’s happening at one moment in time. If you have a loudness track, it’s something that shows values for the duration of the project. Change one little thing, like an EQ setting or a delay feedback setting or a limitless number of other things, and the loudness changes throughout the entire project. Thus the entire loudness track would need to be rebuilt for the entire project when any setting is changed.

At least that’s the way I see this as working … could be mistaken, of course.

How would this help you? Confused. Please explain.

If you equalize you can use your ears only but graphic eq display/spectrum analyser could be helpful tool.
The same for me when balancing loudness of different mix sections, I find idea of loudness graphic represantation as a helpful tool no matter if working with music, dialogs or sound effects for movies.

Kind of a dumb question I guess here, but … is there some decent correlation (not exact, I know) between the height of a waveform and it’s loudness?

I can see having an average loudness line drawn through the verse, one through the chorus, etc, superimposed on the waveforms. But would that be superfluous qualitatively to simply looking at the waveform heights when zoomed out sufficiently?

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If I’m not mistaken, Wavelab has something very much like this, so I assume it would be of value to some sound professionals. I have never had occasion to use something like this (which is why I’m not 100% certain that the Wavelab feature is what I said it was), but I can imagine that there are situations where such information would be of value.

Yes it does. I use it occasionally. It’s very useful in WL for mastering a montage of clips together to match loudness for broadcast standard on deadline. WL most excellent.

With -music- not as necessary since ears are always better. :slight_smile:

I’m always curious -why- they want something. Specific use cases.


Well, you may have answered your own question - WL truly is most excellent, but a whole lot of folks just have a DAW (and maybe something scaled down like Audacity as a dedicated audio editor), so having a loudness track capability in Cubase might benefit folks in that situation.

+1 for the loudness track idea.

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Not sure how much I’d personally use it, but FWIW, I can’t see this ever happening for Cubase - it will remain a Nuendo only feature IMHO; there has to be some things in its feature set, that justify the (large) price differential… :wink:

Some kind of loudness correction would be brilliant. There are some very good third party plugins out there, but the ones people talk about most are not VST and are aimed at the Avid/Premier market.

Since Cubase already has good loudness metering, some comprehensive loudness correction plugin would seem to be an obvious next step.

Especially as this no longer just affects the broadcasters. YouTube and others all now have their own loudness standards which it makes sense to follow.


Sometimes I wish I could afford Nuendo , loudness is not something that only video or gaming industries post-productions need, musicians need that too.
Same remark for the Nuendo audio mixdown export additional loudness and peak limiting features how a serious musician could not have these :slight_smile:

Cubase Pro provides full Loudness metering, but the special Loudness track is only available in Nuendo.