Loudness window font color

Can’t remember if it was like this in v11 but I didn’t react on it: I’m using black background in the loudness meter, I think it’s the default even. In the circled area there are two values with black font, so obviously I can’t see the values. I tried changing the background to grey but it doesn’t look very pleasing.

This is rather dark, but not as dark as on your picture.
Anyway, this can be adjusted:

No, that’s not it. Just tried a bit more now and found a pattern: set Scale to “Custom Full Scale (LUFS)”. When the bottom value is set to -20 or higher (as in closer to zero) the numbers next to the scale turn black. Set it to -21 or lower, the numbers turn red.

Thanks, I can reproduce this. I will look at this more closely for a future update (too late for next week’s update).

Thanks for confirming! I’ll keep it at -21 for now.

This will be fixed in 12.0.30

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