Love-in-the-time-of-corona (soundtrack)

This is a 2 min love song influenced by Joe Hisaishi’s “Silent Love (from ‘A Scene at the Sea’)” but Vangelis might be at work here as well. :slight_smile:
update: (4 min ver)

all feedback are welcome

Great track!
Well recorded & a great use of space.
I’d love to hear some of your other work :slight_smile:

well done! violin was sweet.

nice melody`s and good sounds i think the mix was a little loud at the end though ,but good stuff.

Thanks for the kind words
most of my tracks are available in here
Give them a listen if you could

It’s 8dio Adagio Violins
very good VST but on the expensive side

Thanks for the pointer polgara!
Yeah I guess I’ll turn it down a bit …
If it was an epic song it would have been Ok but in this song an increase in volume isn’t very good

Hi Masoomi, short and sweet, but a very nice sentiment. I like the sound of your strings as well. As I often say, it sounds like part of a piece. I could imagine that you would think of contrasting sections, maybe in another key or rhythm or both, and then finding a way back to the main idea with some of the stuff from the contrasting section, making the whole piece an adventure. It would be at least twice as long. Even though I love it as it is.

Thank you
well I guess I could add a bit of drama to continue the song… you think it’s worth the extra effort?
thanks for the time you took!

Yes, definitely!

yes nice tune and athmosphere, add some extra harmonisation / modulation and dynamics in the mix and it will bloom.

Thanks man,
but can you be a little more specific like what do you mean by dynamics… like crescendo and stuff like that?

Thanks for your time guys, can you check out this 4 min version as well and let me know your impressions ?

Hi Masoomi, after listening a few times, I wanted to go back to compare with the first version, because I don’t remember it that well. Was the first version basically the first two minutes of the new one? And the new part added to the end?

yes the first version is just the first 2 minutes.
The sought after contrast here was that the second part goes from original E minor to harmonic E minor then returns to natural E minor.

Hi Masoomi, what I’m thinking of, in terms of contrast, is something different. Like a pop song has a verse, then it has a chorus. Or a classical piece has an A theme, followed by a B theme. Or an ambient piece starts with a particular idea and then morphs until you don’t remember where you started, until you go back to it. So I’m just suggesting that your great original idea go through something like that. You’ve done it before. But I think there are plenty of examples that don’t do this, so just do what makes sense to you. I still like it.

Hi early21, yeah this is a kind of a hybrid of a standalone piece and a film score.Much like most of the pieces in “in a time lapse” album by Einaudi … what I’m getting at is that, in a film score you talk emotions instead of theme and verse etc. like hope and despair … when you encouraged me to make this piece longer I thought let’s add some drama to the happily ever after of this song then let it recover and go back to being happy. Thanks for the insights and time you took bro.

Thanks for your time
Glad you liked it

That’s a good melody :slight_smile: It’s really great! I’ll def listen to this more :smiley:

Glad you liked it my man! :smiley: