Love is here - "live"cover song from a local band

This song is a cover from a local band. (original from Tenth Avenue North).

The Church where we recorded was built in 1850. The sanctuary has 35 foot dome shaped cathedral ceiling lined with acoustic tiles and that yields a very natural reverb making it very easy to record in that room with most sources including drums.

The recording used Focsrite and Roland VS-2480 preamps – both direct into Cubase 5. 16 tracks. Track inputs were balanced connections direct from our 32 channel Mackie Board. DBX compressors were utilized on the vocal and guitar tracks (very minimal, 2 to 1 and less than 2 db) – inserts on the Mackie board.

The microphones were a mixture of Shure and Audix Mics. SM58 for Vocals, SM 57 on the Electric Guitar and Snare (top), Beta 52 on the kick. Acoustic and Bass Guitars used Radial DI’s. The PC platform is an Intel based 9550 Quad with Windows 7.

For the mixdown I used UAD, Stillwater Audio and Steinberg plugs. The resulting 2 track used Wavelab 6 with UAD mastering suite.



You got a very good sound, congratulations. This is a live recording? Or did you do overdubs and such?