Love my 816x..why won't it upgrade??

Just downloaded and ran the installer for MRTools 1.7.2 Went through all the motions…it asked for a re-start…Windows went through it’s little dance and viola’…“your new hardware is installed and ready to use”…NOT!..control panel still says V.1.6.3…???

Are you sure that it hasn’t been updated correctly? Please note the different version numbers for each component of the TOOLS for MR:

Version 1.7.2 of “TOOLS for MR” for Windows includes:

Yamaha Steinberg FW driver V.1.6.3
Steinberg MR Extension V.1.7.2
Steinberg MR Editor V.1.6.2
Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver Utility V.1.1.0

The driver is indeed version 1.6.3