Love track Versions

How cool is this new Track version setup … i just love it :smiley:

Definitely. It instantly reduced the number of tracks I usually use by about 50%…

It has another advantage.


Friend / band member: “can we try playing this other rhytmn?”
Me: “Yes, lets do that. Let me just create a new version…”
Friend: “Hm, sounds good, but the bass…”
Me: “No problem, lets do linked bass version as well.”


Steinberg, this is something!

But how do you switch between track versions, without clicking by mouse, but defined to switch automatically? I cannot figure this out. Is there a way to program switching? Like lanes are drawn, in some way? Or maybe through midi?
Say I have three versions of guitar track, and want to switch from id1 to id2 on chorus, automatically. How do I do that?

This is not what track versions are for.

What is the purpose of track versions then? I don’t quite get it. Just for archiving purpose? How do you see it?

I’m very interested to hear how you all are using Versions.

I use automation so the feature doesn’t work for me, but I’m trying to get inspired on how I might put it to use.

Let’s keep this thread going!

It’s for creative purposes, rather than performance.
You play a part and then think “well… I think we should do it differently”, so you record a new version and can easily compare them.
Or, for example, in the “duplicate” use-case, to do A-B testing of a set of effects.

OK, this is clear, you record or setup two versions, and then you A-B compare them. And what then? What if you like some parts from first, and some parts from second? How do you make it switch between versions to get what you want in final mixdown?

Great point. I keep forgetting that many MIDI-oriented workflows still involve “recording,” and with a classical notion of “instruments” – go figure. :smiley:

I’ve been in a hyper-editing, automation-centric, edm-oriented “mouse bubble” for long enough that I’ve been utterly brainwashed.

I just needed a splash of cold water.

I still wish it supported version-able automation, but I’m going to attempt to expand my workflow – see if I can find a use for it.

I’ve been thinking “drums/percussion,” but I’ve almost entirely switched to the Geist plugin for all percussion.

This gives me some inspiration, though.

I still cannot figure out how to get track versions into final mixdown. How do I make it to go from one version into another in the middle of a track? Any ideas?

Sure, as every PT user does since 10 years…track versions does not re-invent anything, but I agree it’s something nice to have in Cubase too.

Creative purposes, experimenting, comparing different ideas.

This is the perfect tool for film music were, for a sequence, you always got your several first tries, then you got the director’s comments and modifications on it, then the producer’s choices. And the music changes a lot across time and you’ll end with many many versions sometimes absolutely different cues/songs . Track versions are a godsend.

The most beautiful thing is for reconfo (don’t remember the name in english), when you got several versions of the cut coming and you have to resync everything each time. Now you can keep track of the modifications and come back !

Just thought of something: maybe MIDI-based automation could be captured, a sortof “versionable automation.”

Totally gonna try this.

I have always used lanes for this purpose. What advantages do track versions have?

I used group track versions today for multi-mic’d drums; it made my life so much easier for trying out different types of grooves.

When you try different types of grooves, how do you then define what parts you want to keep in mixdown?

Me too, which result in a clusterfuck were you have to mute/unmute gazillions of shown events.

Track versions ? Obvious. You don’t mute or unmute objects versions, you just switch from one version to the other, showing only one at a time on the timeline.

Track versions don’t let you visually compare the data. For me, they are almost useless. Perhaps they’ll save the near-instantaneous operation of duplicating the MIDI track, alt+dragging the part down, and hitting ‘M’. Also keeping my session tidier.

If you could visualize the parts, like as playlists, and have them play back as lanes, that would be very handy.

By the way, these stupid dropdown menus eat up about 1/4" of name real-estate on my tracks. Pardon my language, but what tf are they thinking here?