Loving my lower zone but...

I really need the Tempo editor available in that space.

Also, I’d like to have independent dragging of the tracklist space horizontally from the Lower Zone key edit area.

+1 emphatically. Also, include that editor in the new synced view capability (position and zoom) with the project window and the key editor.

Aside from what has already been suggested, it would also be great for the lower zone to have “x” close buttons at the top-right so we’re not always travelling down to the footer section.

+1 need to have a clearer way to line up tempo events with markers than just using the basic tempo track. Tempo in the lower zone could solve this.

There are issues with single buttons showing, with a space before the | which I think need to be addressed as well, see:


Also, have all track types available for hide/display in Lower Zone as per project page, including “Other Tracks”:

Also, when going to the Lower Zone (or Key Editor) when a drum map is assigned, have a mode that that ignores solo status for that section (editor) so that solo is not applied when a drum mapped track is shown.

It would be nice too to be able to double click a MIDI part and it comes up in the Key Editor.

need to ogranise inspector & lower zone

Another thing I noticed that is rather annoying about the Lower Zone in relation to the editors (MIDI); Lower Zone Solo state to me should be completely independent of the Editor pages themselves.

I think the thinking is that we will pull the lower zone border up, or arrange the project zone tracks to have the master track and chord tracks adjacent. I’m presuming here… But the requests for those elements inside the editros won’t die down anytime soon, I’m sure. I would like it too, but I can live with this, my 2560x1600 screen is tall enough for the stuff I do.

I emphatically agree. Having the inspector at the top of the screen when I’m looking at the bottom is not a happy thing.

Would be nice to be able to have the notepad, with some formatting appearing in the Lower Zone.

+1 for tempo editor.