Low Cut/High Cut in Cubase LE AI 11


I’m new on this forum and i’m a real real beginner so please be gentle.

I am running Vibase LE AI 11 on Mac OS X Catalina.

It appear that i miss the LOW CUT and HIGH CUT in my equalizer.

I have the 1LO 2LMF 3HMF and 4 HI but not the PRE as you can see here. !

Capture d’écran 2021-01-13 à 13.45.27|690x335

So if anyone could tell me what to do this will be a cool way to welcome me in this community

thank you

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately, there is no Pre section in Cubase LE and AI.


Thank you for your answer.

I guess the Pre section is only availible on the pro version ?

Is there a way to compensate his absence ? I doubt that using the bass on 1LO and the the treble on 4HI does the same effect ? Does it ?


Pre section is part of Cubase Artist and even Cubase Elements too.