low echo from sounds coming from audio interface (SOLVED)

Hello today I started hearing a low Echo, when I was fixing a drum sound. I tried closing cubase and create a clean groove agent, but the Echo was still there no matter what sound, that I tested. Then I tried shutting off my audio interface and restarted, and the Echo was gone. So it is something with my audio interface. I have never experienced this Ecco issue before, I am only using soft synths. Does anyone know, why this happens, and is it normal?

The Studio 192 is DSP capable and does have onboard effects available (FXA is Reverb & FXB is delay) and they are totally configurable. Maybe you mistakenly are using the DSP functions. You may have not even known it was on if there were no effects activated but, if one of the effects was somehow activated in the UC mixer you might notice what you hear. You should open it and see what is activated. It might have been some kind of glitch when the PreSonus driver loaded that one time (hopefully).

BTW… my UC mixer is “bypassed” because as of this time I have no use for it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thank you for your answer. I will try to bypass the mixer from now on in UC. Maybe it is a bug in UC, because I never experienced this before, and I never use the build in delay and reverb fx.

I solved the problem by muting the FX on the bus in UC surface