Low Noise Pre-Amp for ASMR Recordings

I have the UR22C, with two condenser mics, and a suggestion was floated to get a low noise Pre-Amp to fix the issues I had with background noise. Is this necessary for my setup, and if so I’m not at all sure what I should be looking for.

That’s not really going to do anything. I’m not an audio engineer, but I think the key is to use really good mics, and keep the volume knob on the UR22C as low as possible, while getting the sound source as close to the mic as you can, so the signal to noise ratio is better.

Are you by chance referring to the Output knob?

Input gain.

I would not put the input gain knob “as low as possible” since you need enough gain before hitting the ADC to have a clean conversion.
The preamp in the 22C is clean enough to above half its volume, if not 2/3rd, and this, in combination with a good mic should provide a clean signal.

As Steve said, the 1st ingredient for a clean recording on a weak source is to to put the mic as close to the source as possible, then of course a good mic. The best mic preamp money can buy will make only little difference in comparison.

You don’t need to spend a fortune for clean good condenser mics, try the Rode NT1(A) for example.


Which mics do you have?

The larger the membrane diameter, the better the sensitivity, which leads to better signal-to-noise performance.

Won’t let me post links yet, so I have the ProAR Condenser Microphone XLR, Cardioid Pickup Pattern, 48V Phantom Power Required, Shock Mount & Pop Filter Included, Sturdy Base & Height Adjustable Stand