Low output level

i use onboard audio card with Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. i have normalized output on Cubase Mixer as 0 db. Audio output is very low related other sources in Windows like media player. it looks like Cubase assumes my audio card is 24 bits and my card converts it to 16 bits and output is like 16/24 = 16/24 =0.66 = %66 of max output. how can i correct this? how can i get maximum audio power from my audio card while cubase mix level is at 0 db?

Use the Test Tone Generator to line up your inputs and outputs.

Create an Audio Track and, from the tools menu, put the test generator on an insert. Set the level to -20 to start, and from there, you’ll be able to work out your settings. Pull your Stereo Out and the Track fader all the way down to start. Activate the Tone Generator and bring up the track fader, then the Stereo Out… If possible, check your speaker output levels with a sound level meter. Line up to a K-Scale or the Digital Scale. I like the K-20 Scale, but also use K-14.

Sample rate is a different question and you make those settings in the Project Set-up and in Device set-up for your audio card.

So you have two things to check here, Audio I/O levels and line up and your sample rate settings for the project and your Device.

Good luck.

Hi i’m working in cubase 10.5 pro, and I have the same problem, I find that I need to turn up the volume when I’m working in cubase
and if I’m going on to youtube for example I need to turn the volume way down if not it’s super loud…

I have checked every sound setting on my computer everything is turned all the way up so there must be some setting inside of cubase
and even though the meters are peaking in cubase I still need to turn the volume way way up to get proper sound out of my monitors

I was earlier working in FL studio where I did not have any sound issues at all, but I needed a DAW That was more reliable stable and advanced!
I have tried what you wrote above but I have not gotten any closer

Thanks in advance

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If your master out is a 0 dB Fs with metering to post fader, then there is no setting inside Cubase.