Low pass filter for LFE

i’m mixing a 5.1 feature and having a hard time finding a way to add a low pass filter set to cut out anything higher than 120Hz to the LFE channel before printing my masters. i’ve come up with a ridiculous and time-consuming way, which is exporting my mix as-is, and then adding the filters to the split LFE channel after mixdown, and exporting AGAIN. there’s got to be an easier way to do this so that i don’t have to export twice.

if anyone is wondering, i have all my groups (dx, fx, mx) going to their designated group stems, which all feed to the 5.1 output. all my sfx and mx tracks have the vst multipanner LFE level set to -15dB, but i’m being asked to add a low-pass filter to the LFE channel by QC.

can anyone please advice what to use and how to set it up so that i can update my template for all future projects? thanks in advance!

In my limited 5.1 theater experience the LFE is really better used with only special low frequency effects, not just a ‘copy’ of the low end from other sources. It looks as if you’ve basically just added ‘more of the same’ low end into the LFE channel.

I have a dedicated LFE group that goes only to LFE destination channels. Any effect I want in the LFE goes to that group (and nowhere else). Then again, I do mostly TV and not really content that benefits much from LFE to begin with so it’s mostly empty.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here.

Yeah as far as I understand (limited experience as well), you are correct in that only specific LFE effects should go to LFE channel. When playing back a film / show on a 5.1 playback system (like in a home theater system), the sound system’s own bass management will send low frequencies to the sub channel automatically. So for example the low frequencies of the kick drum in the film music will be played back by the subwoofer, even though the mix engineer didn’t send it to the LFE channel. That’s why you don’t need to send all low frequencies to the LFE channel - because the sound system does this automatically during playback. All playback systems have a bass management system to my understanding.

someone correct me if I am wrong as well!


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Most of them, not all, but very few don’t have a bass management.

You can check Anymix Pro as panner in the output bus,
it has the possibility to enable a high cut filter for the LFE.

If you happen to be a Waves user, then there’s this dedicated plug-in for that task:


… also part of this one:


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this is exactly what i was looking for, you’ve saved me so many future DAYS of work, thank you so much!!!

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